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Go! Pilot is an educational game for children that combines airplane games with AI-powered mathematical operations training.

[Story Introduction]
Let's soar to the sky! Today, I'm the ace pilot!
Solve problems, obtain items, and fly the plane!
With reliable friends by my side, we can fly far and wide!
Today, we take flight towards the sky!

[Game Introduction]
In Go! Pilot, you can solve problems of appropriate difficulty based on your arithmetic skills and acquire game advantages through items.
Choose a reliable pilot among the three characters and navigate through steep canyons.
Avoid obstacles and collect additional items that appear along the way.
Try not to bump, try not to fall, go further, go!

① You can choose one character as your pilot from the three options.

② The more problems you solve correctly, the more diverse types of items you can obtain.

③ During the flight, various obstacles will appear, ranging from easy to difficult levels.
Colliding with obstacles will deplete the plane's fuel, so maneuver skillfully to avoid them.

④ Take on various quests to earn higher ranks and strive for more badges.
Check the badges you've earned and quests completed in "My Badges."

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